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How do ageing and dominance changes affect the acoustic structure of fallow buck groans? [abstract] Briefer, E, Vannoni, E & McEligott, A G 2012 1 28-29
Bio-acoustic analyses to assess emotion in animals: acoustic patters are linked to behavioural, cardiac and hormonal responses of ewes to the separation from their lambs [abstract] Frédéric Sèbe, Pascal Poindron, Stéphane Andanson, Hervé Chandeze, Eric Delval, Gérard Després, Gilles Toporenko, Sam Bickell Dominique Blache & Alain Boissy 2012 1 54
The goitred gazelle: sex-specific vocal development and permanently descended and mobile larynx in ungulate species [abstract] Volodina, E, Volodin, I ; Frey, R, Efremova, K, Makarov, I, Gorbunov, K & Soldatova, N 2012 1 59-60
The Vocal Repertoire in Northern White Rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum cottoni as Recorded in the Last Surviving Herd. R. Policht, K. Tomášová, D. Holecková, D. Frynta 2008 1 69-96
Nasal and oral calls in mother and young trunk-nosed saiga antelopes, Saiga tatarica Ilya A. Volodin, Olga V. Sibiryakova, Lyudmila E. Kokshunova, Roland Frey, Elena V. Volodina 2014 2 79-98
Physical characteristics of the vocalizations of domestic goat does Capra hircus in response to their offspring's cries Ruiz-Miranda, C.R., Szymanski, M.D. & Ingals, J.W. 1993 1-2 99-116
A sound analysis system based on LabVIEW applied to the analysis of suckling grunts of domestic pigs Sus scrofa P.-C. Schon, B. Puppe & G. Manteuffel 1998 2 119-133
Vocal behaviour in the endangered Corsican Deer, description and phylogenetic implications N. Kidjo, B. Cargnelutti, B. D. Charlton, C. Wilson & D. Reby 2008 2 159-181
Rut calls as vocal communication of male alpine chamois Rupricapra rupicapra (L. 1758), during the mating season [abstract] Monica Giametta 2002 2 193-194
Bull bellows and bugles: a remarkable convergence of low and high-frequency vocalizations between male domestic cattle Bos taurus and the rutting calls of Siberian and North American wapiti Ilya A. Volodin, Elena V. Volodina & Roland Frey 2017 3 271-284
Characteristics of the vocalisations of Red Deer Cervus elaphus hinds and calves D. Vanková & J. Málek 1997 4 281-289
How and when do lambs recognize the bleats of their mothers? Frédéric Sèbe, Thierry Aubin, Raymond Nowak, Olivier Sèbe, Gaëlle Perrin, Pascal Poindron 2011 3 341-356
Amplitude modulation is a major marker of lamb bleats’ individual signature Frédéric Sèbe, Pascal Poindron, Séverine Ligout, Olivier Sèbe & Thierry Aubin 2018 4 359-375
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