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Geographic variation in vocalizations of the Military Macaw in western Mexico Alejandro Salinas-Melgoza & Katherine Renton In press
Australian magpies adjust their alarm calls according to predator distance Mylène Dutour , Sarah Louise Walsh & Amanda Ruth Ridley In press
House finches learn canary trills Dan C. Mann, David C. Lahti, Laura Waddick & Paul C. Mundinger In press
Soundscape of urban-tolerant crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllidae, Trigonidiidae) in a tropical Southeast Asia city, Singapore Ming Kai Tan In press
Characterizing the flight song: repeatable individual variation of Ovenbird song features Nadine Paul, Megan J. Thompson & Jennifer R. Foote In press
Monitoring cave-dwelling bats using remote passive acoustic detectors: a new approach for cave monitoring Natalia Revilla-Martín , Ivana Budinski , Xavier Puig-Montserrat , Carles Flaquer & Adrià López-Baucells In press
Distress calls of nectarivorous bats (Glossophaga soricina) encode individual and species identity David Hörmann, Marco Tschapka, Andreas Rose & Mirjam Knörnschild In press
Short moan call reveals seasonal occurrence and diel-calling pattern of crabeater seals in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica Fannie W. Shabangu & Russell A. Charif In press
Do social factors explain seasonal variation in dawn song characteristics of paired male Cerulean Warblers (Setophaga cerulea)? Garrett J. MacDonald & Kamal Islam In press
Song amplitude and population density in two sympatric warblers, Phylloscopus schwarzi and P. fuscatus A. S. Opaev & E. M. Shishkina In press
Vocalizations of the Greater Rhea (Rhea americana): an allegedly silent ratite Cristian Pérez-Granados & Karl-L. Schuchmann In press
Frequency and synchronization features of a highly overlapped duet changes according to the context Carolina Méndez & Luis Sandoval In press
Variation in call types, calling activity patterns and relationships between call frequency and body size in a field cricket, Acanthogryllus asiaticus Richa Singh & Manjari Jain In press
Is That a Bat - a guide to non-bat sounds encountered during bat surveys Martin K. Obrist In press
Auditory adaptation time course in the Yangtze finless porpoises, Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis Vladimir V. Popov, Zhi-Tao Wang, Dmitry I. Nechaev, Ding Wang, Alexander Ya Supin & Ke-Xiong Wang In press
Automatic bird sound detection: logistic regression based acoustic occupancy model Yi-Chin Tseng, Bianca N. I. Eskelson, Kathy Martin & Valerie LeMay In press
Vocal discrimination of African lions and its potential for collar-free tracking Matthew Wijers , Paul Trethowan , Byron Du Preez , Simon Chamaillé-Jammes , Andrew J. Loveridge , David W. Macdonald & Andrew Markham In press
CARACAL: A versatile passive acoustic monitoring tool for wildlife research and conservation Matthew Wijers, Andrew Loveridge, David W. Macdonald & Andrew Markham In press
Distance truncation via sound level for bioacoustic surveys in patchy habitat Richard W. Hedley, Scott J. Wilson, Daniel A. Yip, Katie Li & Erin M. Bayne In press
Random forest is the best species predictor for a community of insectivorous bats inhabiting a mountain ecosystem of central Mexico In press
Sound production in bark and ambrosia beetles Carol L. Bedoya, Richard W. Hofstetter, Ximena J. Nelson, Michael Hayes, Daniel R. Miller & Eckehard G. Brockerhoff In press
Adult female-calf acoustic communication signals in migrating east Australian humpback whales Katherine L. Indeck, Elisa Girola, Maëlle Torterotot, Michael J. Noad & Rebecca A. Dunlop In press
Variation in song structure of House Wrens living in urban and rural areas in a Caribbean Small Island Developing State Marie-Ève Cyr , Kimberley Wetten , Miyako H. Warrington & Nicola Koper In press
Using playbacks to monitor and investigate the behaviour of wild maned wolves Luane Stamatto Ferreira, Júlia Simões Damo, Victor Sábato, Júlio Ernesto Baumgarten, Flávio Henrique Guimarães Rodrigues & Renata Sousa-Lima In press
Acoustic and morphological variation on two populations of Dryophytes arenicolor in central México Cristian I. Hernández-Herrera & Hibraim A. Pérez-Mendoza In press
Sound production in male and female Corkwing Wrasses and its relation to visual behaviour In press
Bioacoustic and biophysical analysis of a newly described highly transparent genus of predatory katydids from the Andean cloud forest (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae: Phlugidini) Charlie Woodrow, Christian Pulver, Daniel Veitch & Fernando Montealegre-Z In press
Echolocation signals of bats – a retrospective David Pye In press
Acoustic repertoire of the sword-tail cricket Cranistus colliurides Stål, 1861 (Orthoptera: Grylloidea, Trigonidiidae: Phylloscyrtini) In press
The effect of anthropogenic noise and weather conditions on male calls in the bladder grasshopper Bullacris unicolor Rekha Sathyan & Vanessa Couldridge In press
High level individuality in vocalizations of a well-known avian brood parasite: Asian koel (Eudynamys scolopacea L.) Abdul Aziz Khan & Irfan Zia Qureshi In press
First description of whistles of Black Sea short-beaked common dolphins, Delphinus delphis ponticus In press
Vocal development in nestling kea parrots (Nestor notabilis) Amelia Wein, Raoul Schwing, Takuya Yanagida & Ludwig Huber In press
Treefrogs with distinct advertisement calls produce similar territorial signals Mariane de Oliveira Freitas & Luís Felipe Toledo In press
Acoustic monitoring reveals year-round calling by invasive toads in tropical Australia Sheryn Brodie, Kiyomi Yasumiba, Michael Towsey, Paul Roe & Lin Schwarzkopf In press
The sounds between the strophes: different chiffchaff taxa perform different tret calls in their song Vladimir Ivanitskii, Irina Ilina & Irina Marova In press
Singing in South Africa: monitoring the occurrence of humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) song near the Western Cape E. C. Ross-Marsh, S. H. Elwen, A. S. Prinsloo, B. S. James & T. Gridley In press
Tracking European bat species with passive acoustic directional monitoring David Wallis & Morten Elmeros In press
Dung beetle distress signals may be correlated to sex and male morph: the case of Copris lunaris (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Coprini) Kaan Kerman, Angela Roggero, Irene Piccini, Antonio Rolando & Claudia Palestrini In press
Individual variation in two types of advertisement calls of Pacific tree frogs, Hyliola (=Pseudacris) regilla, and the implications for sexual selection and species recognition Alejandro Vélez & Adriana S. Guajardo In press
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