Acoustic communication in triglid fish [abstract]

M C. de Amorim & A. D. Hawkins (1995). Acoustic communication in triglid fish [abstract]. Bioacoustics, Volume 6 (3): 220

Acoustic behaviour is known to play an important role in the social behaviour of some fish species. Triglid fish are very active sound producers and emit typical swimbladder sounds during social interactions. The sounds of the grey gurnard Eutrigla gurnardus, the streaked gurnard Trigloporus lastoviza, the tub gurnard Trigla lucerna and the red gurnard Aspitrigla cuculus are compared. All four species produce grunt or growling sounds,  that differ in their temporal and frequency characteristics. Sounds were always produced in relation to agonistic behaviour or to alarm reactions. Within one species, the grey gurnard, there is a repertoire of 3 types of sounds: knocks, grunts and growls. An analysis of the association between the different sounds produced by this species and its behaviour is presented.