New opportunities in electronic distribution of information on bioacoustics [abstract]

M. Manghi, G. Pavan, M. Priano & A. Ghezzi (1996). New opportunities in electronic distribution of information on bioacoustics [abstract]. Bioacoustics, Volume 6 (4): 317 -318

New technologies in the distribution of information are changing the world as we know it. lnternet, the worldwide computer network on which the World Wide Web runs, offers new opportunities to distribute and share information on all interesting subjects (and even on non-interesting ones!) at a very low cost, via easy hypertextual browsing interfaces. "lnteresting'' and Non-interesting'' will then show their relativeness, as this media is going to give almost everybody the chance to have access to an enormous group of listeners. They can listen if they wish to, just as they can decide to visit a book-store or a news-stand. This is not our discovery, as all these tools have been developed by others. What we are doing is making a proposal about applying these tools to our research interests. Publishing documents on a World Wide Web site is a good opportunity to present the activities being carried out, both from a general point of view and from a highly specialized one at the same time. Documents can be nested starting from general explanation pages continuing even into reference schemes and tables, linking sounds, images, short movies or whatever can now be contained in a computer. The effort required to do so is not difficult, if you consider that almost every page written nowadays is typed on a computer, and so already available in electronic format. From a democratic point of view, as universities and research centers are often supported out of public funding (i.e. money coming from taxes), this is an opportunity to let people know how their money is spent. The researcher must not underestimate this opportunity, but use it to share ideas, to discuss techniques, projects and solutions and to write about goals. For our part we have prepared a series of pages intended to introduce bioacoustics for educational purposes to the general public and to describe both our research and the instruments we have developed. We would like our documents to be considered as a reference for those starting to get involved with bioacoustics, and as a stimulus for the experienced to explain to the others what they are working on. The pages we have mentioned are available on the lnternet, using a WWW-browser, at HTTP://WWW.UNIPV.IT/~WEBCIB. Our e-mail is: WEBCIB@IPV512.UNIPV.IT