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Recording ultrasounds in the field [abstract]

Gianni Pavan (2002). Recording ultrasounds in the field [abstract]. Bioacoustics, Volume 13 (2): 206 -207



The latest version of the real-time Digital Signal Processing Workstation developed at CIBRA runs in a standard Windows environment and can use a wide range of sound acquisition devices. It can operate on a notebook computer to allow in-field use. Depending on the acquisition devices, recording, analysis and display can be performed in real-time up to 500 ksamples/sec to provide useful bandwidth to more than 200 kHz. At present, National Instruments DAQ devices, which are available in PCI, FireWire and PCMCIA standards, can be used. On a PIII 500MHz notebook it is possible to acquire, analyse, display and record at 320 ksamples/sec (single channel) with a PCMCIA card and at about 500 ksamples/sec with a FireWire device. The software was primarily developed for bioacoustical studies, though it can be used in a wide range of tasks requiring continuous broadband monitoring.