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Diversity and plasticity of vocalisations in an elusive and arboreal small mammal: the edible dormouse (Glis glis) Carme Bartrina, César Llanos-Guerrero, Núria Valls, Lídia Freixas & Adrià López-Baucells In press
Vocalisations of a North American subterranean rodent Geomys breviceps M.S. DeVries & R.S. Sikes 2008 1 1-15
Discomfort-related changes in pup ultrasonic calls of fat-tailed gerbils Pachyuromys duprasi Alexandra S. Zaytseva, Ilya A. Volodin, Olga G. Ilchenko & Elena V. Volodina 2017 1 1-13
Alarm Calls of the European Ground Squirrel Spermophilus citellus and the Taurus Ground Squirrel S. taurensis Encode Information About Caller Identity Irena Schneiderová & Richard Policht 2010 1 29-43
Developmental course of mouse models of autism: emergence of deficits in vocal communication [abstract] Ey, E & Bourgeron, T 2012 1 31-32
Vocal communication in two lemming species (Lagurus lagurus and Eolagurus luteus) Rutovskaya, Marina 2019 1 42-56
Is food-anticipation whistle of Domestic guinea pigs derived from isolation whistle? [abstract] Monticelli, P F; Tarallo, R C R B & Ades, C 2012 1 48
The Rich Acoustic Repertoire of a Precocious Rodent, the Wild Cavy Cavia aperea Patrícia Ferreira Monticelli and César Ades 2013 1 49-66
Acoustic analysis of alarm calls in two species of ground squirrels, the European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) and the Taurus ground squirrel (S. taurensis) [abstract] Schneiderová, I. & Policht, R. 2012 1 53-54
Ultrasonic vocalization in infant mice: a slow motion analysis [abstract] Daniela Santucci, lgor Branchi & Enrico Alleva 1994 1 79-80
An Unusual Effect Of Maturation On The Alarm Call Fundamental Frequency In Two Species Of Ground Squirrels Elena V. Volodina, Vera A. Matrosova, Ilya A. Volodin 2010 1 87-98
Vocalization of the giant mole-rat (Fukomys mechowii), subterranean rodent with the richest vocal repertoire Radka Bednárová, Ema Hrouzková-Knotková, Hynek Burda, Frantisek Sedlácek and Radim Sumbera 2013 2 87-107
Sleep fragmentation disrupts vocal interactions in rats Léo Perrier, Amandine Cascarino, Chloé Mounichetty, Florence Levréro, Nicolas Mathevon & Frédéric Roche 2024 1 91-101
Ultrasound emission in social communication about food in female mice [abstract] A. Moles and F. R. D'Amato 2002 1 93
Ultrasonic communication in Gliridae (Rodentia): the hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) as a case-study Leonardo Ancillotto, Giulia Sozio, Alessio Mortelliti and Danilo Russo 2014 2 129-141
Ecological determinants of vocalization parameters: The case of the coruro (Spalacopus cyanus, Octodontidae), a fossorial social rodent S. Veitl, S. Begall & H. Burda 2000 2 129-148
Ultrasonic Vocalizations and Their Associations With the Non-vocalization Behaviour of the Endangered Turkish Spiny Mouse Acomys cilicius Spitzenberger in a Captive Population Shereena Griffiths, Sue Dow & Oliver Burman 2010 3 143-157
Does sociality imply a complex vocal communication system? A case study for Fukomys micklemi (Bathyergidae, Rodentia). Charlotte Vanden Hole, Paul A.A.G. Van Daele, Niels Desmet, Paul Devos and Dominique Adriaens 2014 2 143-160
Sexual differentiation of ultrasonic vocalizations of Mongolian Gerbils [abstract] Seale, W. T. C., & Holman, S. D. 1989 2 168
Bioacoustics of domestication: Alarm and courtship calls of wild and domestic cavies Patrícia Ferreira Monticelli & César Ades 2011 2 169-192
Vocal stereotypy in the rodent genera Peromyscus and Onychomys (Neotominae): taxonomic signature and call design. Jacqueline R. Miller and Mark D. Engstrom 2012 3 193-213
Ultrasonic vocalisations as an index of social memory in male and female mice [abstract] R. Rizzi, F. Moles A Costantini and F. R. D'Amato 2002 2 196
Individual differences in infant guinea pig pups isolation whistles R. S. Tokumaru, C. Ades & P. F. Monticelli 2004 3 197-208
Inter-burrow communication in subterranean rodents: what features are environmental constraints acting over? [abstract] Gabriel Francescoli 2002 2 197
Analysis of Mouse Vocal Communication (AMVOC): A deep, unsupervised method for rapid detection, analysis, and classification of ultrasonic vocalizations Vasiliki Stoumpou, César D. M. Vargas, Peter F. Schade, J. Lomax Boyd, Theodoros Giannakopoulos & Erich D. Jarvis 2023 2 199-229
A preliminary report on the acoustic communication in Uruguayan Ctenomys (Rodentia, Octodontidae): basic sound types G. Francescoli 1999 2-3 203-218
Vocalisations of the degu Octodon degus, a social caviomorph rodent C.V. Long 2007 3 223-244
Vocalization of the silvery mole-rat: comparison of vocal repertoires in subterranean rodents with different social systems Ema Knotková, Silke Veitl, Radim Šumbera, František Sedlácek & Hynek Burda 2009 3 241-257
Vocal repertoire of social Mashona mole-rat (Fukomys darlingi) and how it compares with other mole-rats Veronika Dvoráková, Ema Hrouzková & Radim Sumbera 2016 3 253-266
Ultrasonic vocalisations during heterosexual encounters in mice Mus musculus [abstract] E. Mazzacane and F.R. D'Amato 1997 3-4 259
Sonographic characterization of ultrasonic vocalisations emitted by infant laboratory mice Mus musculus [abstract] Igor Branchi, Daniela Santucci, Augusto Vitale and Enrico Alleva 1997 3-4 259-260
Ultrasound and mating behaviour in the field vole Microtus agrestis [abstract] Marie-juliette Mandelli and Gillian Sales 1997 3-4 272
The acoustic repertoire of Cavia intermedia as a contribution to the understanding of the Caviidae communication system Paula Verzola-Olivio & Patrícia Ferreira Monticelli 2017 3 285-304
Vocalization of Two Palaearctic Species of Hamster: Eversmann Hamster Allocricetulus eversmanni and Grey Hamster Cricetulus migratorius J. Kapusta, H. Szentgyörgyi, A. Surov, & G. Ryurikov 2006 3 315-330
Ultrasonic vocalization by infant mice to different contexts: a sonographic analysis [abstract] D. Santucci, I. Branchi & E. Alleva 1996 4 320
Ultrasound from underground: cryptic communication in subterranean wild-living and captive northern mole voles (Ellobius talpinus Ilya A. Volodin, Margarita M. Dymskaya, Antonina V. Smorkatcheva & Elena V. Volodina 2022 4 414-434
Sound communication in social voles (subgenus Sumeriomys) Marina Rutovskaya 2019 6 503-521
Ultrasonic bouts of a blind climbing rodent (Typhlomys chapensis): acoustic analysis Ilya A. Volodin, Aleksandra A. Panyutina, Alexei V. Abramov, Olga G. Ilchenko & Elena V. Volodina 2019 6 575-591