Songs of four cicada species from Thailand

M. Gogala (1995). Songs of four cicada species from Thailand. Bioacoustics, Volume 6 (2): 101 -116

Main or calling songs of cicadas Meimuna tavoyana, Platylomia nagarasingna, Platylomia sp. and Purana aft. tigrina from Thailand are described and compared with some previously investigated species. For M. tavoyana a repeated tonal frequency modulated pattern is typical in addition to the broad band buzzing sound. Both closely related chorusing species of Platylomia show broad band acoustic emissions with some degree of frequency band modulation. The song of Purana aft. tigrina from S. Thailand is the most complex, with sharply tuned spectral components (at 2300 and 9400 Hz) and rich amplitude modulation patterns.