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Sound production in cicadas: timbal muscle activity during calling song and protest song P.J. Fonseca 1996 1 13-31
The evolution of cicada songs contrasted with the relationships inferred from mitochondrial DNA (Insecta, Hemiptera) P. J. Fonseca, E. A. Serrão, F. Pina-Martins, P. Silva, S. Mira, J. A. Quartau, O. S. Paulo & L. Cancela 2008 1 17-34
Results of bioacoustic investigations of cicadas during the expedition to Iran 2007 [abstract] Gogala, M 2012 1 36
Time resolution in the auditory pathway of the cicada Tettigetta josei [abstract] Alves, D & Fonseca, P J 2012 1 65
Songs of four cicada species from Thailand M. Gogala 1995 2 101-116
Use of acoustic methods to find, locate and recognize singing cicadas in Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia [abstract] M.Gogala 1998 2 156-157
CD and book review: Vie & Mémoires des Cigales, Provence, Languedoc Méditerranée by M. Boulard M. Gogala 1998 2 167-169
Characteristics of the acoustic signals in nine species of cicadas (Homoptera, Cicadidae) Fonseca, P.J. 1991 3 173-192
Phonotaxis in the cicadas Cystosoma saundersii and Cyclochila australasiae A.G. Daws, R.M. Henning & D. Young 1997 3 173-188
Studies of cicada sound production using commercial HS video [abstract] Matija Gogala and Tomi Trilar 2002 2 180-181
Asymmetric song responses in coexisting Japanese cicadas Nobu Endo & Naoya Osawa 2018 3 201-214
Cicada tymbal mechanics and the role of the tymbal in sound production [abstract] H. C. Bennet-Clark & D. Young 1995 3 220
Acoustic biodiversity in tropical cicadas: examples from S.E. Asia [abstract] Matija Gogala 1997 3-4 250-251
Automatic Acoustic Identification of Insects: the case of crickets and cicadas T. Ganchev & I. Potamitis 2007 3 281-328
Bioacoustic survey of cicadas [abstract] M. Gogala & A. V. Popov 1996 4 300-301